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Our Friends

We're too small to be a full service agency, but we've met incredibly talented friends in just about every business you can imagine! 

Here are a few friends that we'd like to recommend! 

Shauna is a writer who uses her personal, professional, and academic experience to create content that engages and inspires.
Her passionate and innovative personality, combined with degrees in both Psychology & English (Rhetoric and Professional Writing) provide material that motivates your audience into action. 
We fully believe she has the skills and creativity to tackle any project! 
Find out how she can help you by clicking on her logo!

Elsa has more than 14 years of experience in photography, and has such a love for her art! She's worked in both Product and Brand Development and is now focused on Product Photography. Whether you need an image for a flyer, photos for a digital catalogue or a photo shoot for a new restaurant, she's able to make it eye-catching! Take a look at her work by clicking on her logo! 

Elsa Miranda Photography.jpeg
MoneyMindset .jpg

Money doesn't have to be a source of stress in life! If it is, contact our friend Sherry!She'll work with you to create a plan that meets your priorities while also working towards your future goals.

Want to learn more? Click the Money Mindset Financial Coaching logo! 

Stacey helps empower people to be their true selves. She offers business coaching, personal branding, boudoir photography, and online courses to help you become the most confident person you can be! 

Click on her logo to check out her website and learn more about how Stacey can help you! 


The team at Power Web Media has been creating videos and websites for over fifteen years. They've produced hundreds of videos for their clients, and have worked on promotional videos, commercials, training videos, television shows, web series, music videos, feature films, short films, and more! Matt Power and his team have the expertise and training to bring your vision to life! 

Mandy Reimer is a fantastic artist and graphic designer who we're so pleased to recommend to you! 
Mandy will work with your business to learn your brand and story and help tell that story through her art work! Click on her logo to learn more about Mandy and Kinoko Designs

kinoko design.png

Olio Digital is an agency that specializes in web and mobile projects. The Olio crew is comprised of individuals who have a proven track record of delivering complex and unique projects. They have more than a decade of experience. They're far from a tiny agency, but they're the best for a reason! Also, Brendan Farr-Gaynor, their Founding & Managing Partner has a farm with sheep that produce amazing Merino wool. How cool is that? 

For more on Olio Digital, click their logo! 

Priya at Purple Brush Solutions is a great friend who does similar work to us - and also creates amazing websites! 

If we're ever overwhelmed, we may refer you to Priya & the Purple Brush team - and vice versa! 

Also, if you need a beautiful Wordpress site created on a budget - Purple Brush can handle it! 


Karen at Swag Hive knows her stuff when it comes to promotional marketing! 

Through promotional products, branded clothing and print materials - Swag Hive will help you get your message out there! 

With years of experience and a passion of business, you're sure to get the products your clients need!